Chairman : Melissa Yeow

Co-Chair : Mr Lee Kwang Boon 

Peace is not just the mere absence of war or the reduction of violence in wars. A more dynamic definition of peace is necessary. Peace is the dynamic process of creatively transforming conflicts by non-violent means. Peace Studies Sub-Committee wants to introduce the latest thinking, ideas and concepts on peace studies. It hopes to shift the focus of research on ‘war’ and ‘violence’ to research on the success cases of peaceful transformation by peaceful means.

War is not conflict. The conflict triangle of attitude, behaviour and contradiction/content  makes the complex issue of conflict clearer. War is just a method that actors in a conflict utilized to solve a conflict. It belongs to behavior model in the conflict triangle. War in itself is not a conflict.

The new peace theory should concentrate on the study of causes and conditions not only of violence and violent structures but on peace and peaceful structures and process.  It should look at cases in individuals, family and community and society where the stakeholders in the conflicts used active non-violent means to transform conflicts into peaceful cases . It is the skills, and mechanisms and theories for such actions that peace researchers should help to develop. Peace by peaceful means is the capacity and skills to act with creativity, empathy and non-violence in conflict situations.

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