Chairman : Alexander Charles Louis


UNAS Membership Sub-Committee offers you the opportunity to become engaged in issues on the UN Agenda – from peace, human rights, the environment… and many more.  It is a wonderful way of meeting people who have a well-informed interest in foreign policy and know how to be effective in advocating for a better world.

Being a Member United Nations Associations (UNAs) of the World Federation United Nations Associations (WFUNA), where they have over 100 members of national United Nations Associations (UNAs). It is indeed a good way – connecting hundreds of thousands of people in every region of the world to the United Nations. As such, UNAS does have a unique role to play at the national level.

You would also be given a chance to join a global network of people who support the United Nations, via the ONLINE Peoples Movement for the United Nations. Where you will Receive “UN Connections,” and the global networking newsletter about the United Nations. This are also chances to communicate with people all around the world on issues you care about. Collaborating with other voluntary organisations on projects related to the work of the UN, is also one of our ways in promoting community worldwide.

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