Chairman : Professor Tham Seong Chee

The UNAS Internship Scheme is administered by the Internship Sub-Committee. Its primary function is to receive and evaluate applications for internship from local and as well as overseas students. In this regard, members of the public who wish to spend time with UNAS to learn more about the United Nations may also apply. The period of internship is flexible, normally lasting from three months to a full year. Those offered internship are expected to serve as UNAS volunteers whilst at the same time conduct a supervised research on the United Nations. Applicants who have prior experience in working for an international/multinational organization or whose course of study at a university/college relates to the United Nations are normally preferred. Applications for internship should be submitted to UNAS by email or by post and with a brief resume which should include information on:

  1. Educational background
  2. Current course of study or employment
  3. Previous experience in an international organization(if any)
  4. Reasons for  applying to UNAS
  5. Period of internship preferred and date of commencement.

Contact for All Internship Matters and Correspondence –

Email :

We regret to announce that there are no vacancies in the UNAS Internship Program until further notice. Thank you for your interest in the program.