Chairman : Mr. Alexander Charles Louis

The Humanitarian Affairs Committee takes care of a key area in UNAS’ work. As the term suggests, the Humanitarian Affairs Committee strives to provide aid and assistance to those affected by man-made and natural disasters. It is an onerous responsibility which depends as much on the hard-work put in by the Committee as to the generosity of donors and the availability of volunteer workers. UNAS in the past had contributed food, clothes and medicine to refugees. In the 1970s and 1980s, UNAS initiated a special award to recognise excellence in voluntary Service. When the UN celebrated its 50th anniversary, UNAS raised $160,000 to support the work of four UN organizations viz. UNICEF, UNHCR, UNIFEM and WHO. Three years ago, UNAS contributed a significant sum to aid the establishment of a Children’s Centre in Timor Leste by UNICEF. Recently, UNAS collaborated with SILKAIR to solicit donations to aid the victims of the Asian tsunami. Similarly, UNAS gave support to the Eurasian Association of Singapore in its efforts to raise funds to assist the work of UNICEF. Well-wishers who wish to contribute to the work of the Humanitarian Affairs Committee are warmly welcome to contact the Chairman.

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