The activities of UNAS are primarily educational and humanitarian. Seminars and talks organized by UNAS are aimed at proving an informed understanding of the UN with focus on the UN’s potentialities as well as its limitations. The publication programmes of UNAS includes the biannual bulletin called “The World Forum”; proceedings of seminars and books on international developments. UNAS also produces an annual UN Day Souvenir programme to commemorate UN Day as well as disseminate articles on the UN.

The humanitarian concern is implicit in all UNAS activities and programmes. In this, UNAS has provided assistance to refugee resettlement. It has provided assistance to UNICEF, UNHCR, WHO and UNIFEM. At the national level, various welfare bodies have been beneficiaries of UNAS. Between 1980-85, UNAS initiated the “”Most Outstanding Civic Organization Award””

Two years ago (1998), UNAS instituted the UNAS Fellowship to enable deserving and qualified individuals in the region and beyond to seek attachment in Singapore to advance their organizational and management competence. From time to time, UNAS has facilitated the participation of tertiary educational institution in UN mock Assemblies overseas.